What is BookWorm?

BookWorm is a system where people can post book reviews and comment on the reviews of other people.

Administrators can also post sites which they think are appropriate for book reviews.

BookWorm reviews and comments can now be formatted using Markdown.

See BookWorm in action!

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Download BookWorm

To run BookWorm you'll need a web server with PHP and MySQL installed, and your MySQL server must support InnoDB.

Once you've downloaded BookWorm, go to http://YOUR-SERVER/path/to/bookworm/install.php and follow the instructions.

v3.x Users: Please delete your BookWorm 3 installation, then install v4. Your database will still work with version 4; run http://YOUR-SERVER/path/to/bookworm/upgrade_from_v3.php and follow the instructions.

Version 4.1.2 (up to SVN revision 96)
bw412.tar.gz (332KB) bw412.zip (444KB)

If you want the latest source, check the SVN repository.